Apples with Honey…Give it a shot!

So I’m thinking of trying my hand at cooking a full-0ut dinner this weekend for some friends to introduce them to Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and I’m beyond excited at the prospect of having apples with honey (among other dishes, which I will tell you about during the week). 

So simple, but it’s something you have to try, simply cut up some Granny Smith or some McIntonsh apples and pour yourself a little bowl of honey for dipping and go nuts! Mmmm, something about the sweetness of the honey with the tart taste of the apple, you’ll be wondering where this has been your whole life!

For the curious mind…the sweet honey represents the sweet year that people wish upon each other to begin a new year. On that sweet note, enjoy!



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3 responses to “Apples with Honey…Give it a shot!

  1. Great post – Check out this article about the different tastes of honey. Did you know that sourwood honey tastes like the caramelized sugar atop crème brûlée? Also discusses other sweet ways to bring in the Jewish new year. I came across on Twitter –


  2. tastesbetterwithfriends

    Learn something new everyday! Maybe we’ll have to do a little blind taste-testing with some apples and see how refined our taste buds are…

  3. Eve

    Wishing you all a year filled with sweetness and joy! Thank you Ethan for sharing your blog. So cool ~

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