It does taste better with friends!

So tonight will be my shortest entry to date as i’m pretty tired, cooking for about 30 hours in a 4×4 (feet, not metres) kitchen will do that! My attempt at a full-blown Rosh Hashanah meal for 8 people turned out pretty well, although there were a few hiccups along the way, namely some unevenly cooked matzoh balls and a roast that had to be coaxed along, but you learn and move on, right?

The dish I was most proud of was the honey cake…turned out great, I just have to buy a cake pan and not use a loaf pan that didn’t cook it quite as evenly as I would have liked.

Recipes and comments to follow during the week, including hopefully a guest appearance recipe for some delicious garlic mashed potatoes!

2 final thoughts

“How did my grandmothers (and my mother nowadays) make it look so easy?”

Thanks to my new Vancouver friends (and old London friend) for allowing me to cook for them this evening.



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3 responses to “It does taste better with friends!

  1. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had quite an evening! Your mom and grandmother made it look easy because they had LOTS of practice.

  2. Maeve

    Ethan! welcome to Vancouver. Maybe we’ll cross paths some time.

    take care,


  3. tastesbetterwithfriends

    Thanks Maeve, you never know!

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