When in Vancouver, eat sushi…

As much fun as it is to cook, sometimes it’s just easier to go out for dinner. Luckily, in Vancouver there is no shortage of restaurants, especially sushi! After doing a little shopping with a friend, sushi seemed like a perfect choice and we stumbled into Britannia Sushi on 1016 Commercial Dr. At first glance, this place is a prime candidate for Restaurant Makeover as the walls are depressing and the lighting is poor. Aestetics aside, we decided to give the 18 piece special with miso soup priced at $5.75 a chance. We shared the special which consisted of a Kappa roll (cucumber), tuna roll and California roll. We also ordered the Veggie Dragon (yam tempura with avocado on top) and an order of Goma-Ae (japanese spinach with a peanut sauce) for starters.

It was my first time eating Goma-Ae, which was good, but not what you’d call a large appetizer. The sushi came very quickly and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality. It was well-rolled, nicely presented and tasty. The Dragon roll with avocado was the hit of the meal and luckily we had a camera with us as it became an interactive meal of sushi eating and sushi picture taking.

The total was just under $15 and we certainly got our money’s worth. I would certainly go back again, but they do need a visit from Igor and the Restaurant Makeover crew!

Veggie Dragon Roll with Avocado

Veggie Dragon Roll with Avocado

Veggie Dragon Roll with Avocado

Veggie Dragon Roll with Avocado

Britannia Sushi

1016 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 3W9

604-251-1155 – Open 7 days a week



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3 responses to “When in Vancouver, eat sushi…

  1. Kate

    Have you been to The Eatery in Kits yet? Great sushi! Not expensive and has a huge selection of maki.

  2. tastesbetterwithfriends

    I’ve been there a couple of times now, you’re right, it’s good and crazy selection of sushi. It’s on my short list of places to write up. Did you do some saki-bombs as well?

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