Purple slurpin’ in Northern Ontario

Today is nothing you can make, but rather hopefully you’ll let me tell you a little story of my journey accross Canada, so thank you in advance and maybe you’ll be intrigued to have a cold little treat afterwards.

I watched the movie “One Week” the other day.  For those that haven’t heard of it, the premise of the movie is a guy (Joshua Jackson) who for reasons I won’t divulge here (since it’s worth renting) travels across Canada. Watching it made me think back to my cross-country drive from Montreal to Vancouver.

I ended up doing the drive solo, so my mission was to accomplish as many km’s as possible every day. At the urging of my parents, we loaded the van with a cooler full of chocolate milk, sandwiches, fruits and a massive bag of some type of party mix (including wasabi peas mmmm). With snacks galore for my 5000 km journey, my stops consisted of necessities such as sleeping, gas, stretching, the occasional treat to maintain my sanity and random picture taking.

So I have a weakness in life, it is a Slurpee from 7-11, I’ve been drinking them since I was about 10, so it’s been 20+ years and I’ve enjoyed every moment!  As I was on day 2 of my drive and realizing how enormous the province of Ontario is, I saw a sweet sight which happened to be a gas station paired up with a 7-11. I accomplished a re-fill, stretching and a treat all in one stop!

Now, i’m going to share with you all here…for me, I must drink a Slurpee with a purple straw, I don’t know why, I just do. 7-11 offers various colors, my first one was with a purple straw and I haven’t looked back. I also have to mix and match my flavors. It always must start with Coke, the middle layer can be whatever I’m feeling on a particular day, be it orange, grape, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, whatever, but the top must always again be Coke. Again, don’t ask me why, it just has to be that way!

Coke/Sprite/Coke combo with a purple straw

Coke/Sprite/Coke combo with a purple straw

As for the random picture taking, probably my favorite was the random goose by the side of the road in Wawa, ON.

One big goose!

One big goose!

Even from a distance, one big goose!

Even from a distance, one big goose!

For those that need a tutorial on a Slurpee, check out its history here,



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