Ketchup colored glasses in Los Angeles

Although the majority of my restaurant reviews will be in Vancouver for the time being, I was thinking of a restaurant I checked out in L.A. last month with some friends called Ketchup. It was suggested to us by the hotel concierge and was worth the walk down Sunset Blvd.

As you walk in, you realize Ketchup is not simply the name on the menu, but rather the theme throughout. Everything is red and their calling card is a platter of 5 different types of ketchup (I can’t recall them all, but I do remember a homemade ketchup, a chipotle ketchup and a wasabi ketchup, good but not with the kick I was hoping for).

Ketchup x 5

Ketchup x 5

 So since we were 3, we ordered 3 appetizers and although the wings and Kobe sliders were good, the mini chicken tacos were by far the best and the spicy guacamole was worth licking the spoon clean!

Wings, Kobe Sliders and Mini Tacos

Wings, Kobe Sliders and Mini Tacos

For the main entree, I ordered the BBQ baby back ribs which were done just perfectly and their bbq sauce had a nice little tang to it. However, what I was really interested in was the accompanying dish which was Mac “n” Cheese with white truffle and dungeness crab and it defintely passed the test!

BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Mac "n" Cheese

BBQ Baby Back Ribs with Mac "n" Cheese

If you’re in Hollywood and looking for something fun and tasty, give Ketchup a shake!


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