Jerry Seinfeld & the Black and White Cookie

I am a big fan of Seinfeld, so when I passed a Kosher bakery in Montreal, I thought i’d see if the famous Black and White cookie was there and sure enough it was!

For those that are unfamiliar with this particular episode, the black and white cookie is a classic scene that takes place in a bakery where Jerry explains to Elaine that it’s a cookie that incorporates “2 races of flavor living side by side” and the key to eating the cookie is making sure you get some white and some black with each bite…impossible of course, but a good theory!

Black and White Cookie

Black and White Cookie

The cookie itself is soft, like shortbread and is covered with 1/2 chocolate fondant and 1/2 vanilla fondant. For a good laugh, check out the link and for a good snack, check out your nearest bakery and as Jerry says, “Look to the cookie!” 

Boulangerie Cheskie – 359 Bernard Street West, corner of Parc Avenue



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2 responses to “Jerry Seinfeld & the Black and White Cookie

  1. Great post. You know how much I love Seinfeld references.

  2. tastesbetterwithfriends

    I do know how much you enjoy Seinfeld references…

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