The Legend of Boustan

My first memory of Boustan is back in the fall of 2005. At the time, I was working for the Montreal Canadiens and after a pre-season game, me and some friends/colleagues walked in wearing our suits and our CH pins on the lapel of our jacket. As we began ordering, the woman (Mrs. Boustan) behind the counter took our picture! Apparently, we looked like rookies who were in the process of trying out for the team. To make a long story short, we ordered, sat down and proceeded to eat magic on a plate. (More on the photo story at the bottom)

Creation Trio

Creation Trio

Simply put, Boustan is phenomenal. It is a Lebanese restaurant at 2020 Crescent Street, corner of de Maisonneuve. Pass by at 3am on a Saturday in the middle of January and check out the line out of the restaurant and know that people are willing to stand in the freezing cold and lose their bar buzz for a reason. The reason for this devotion is due to great food and an even better atmosphere.

When I first started eating at Boustan, I rotated between the chicken pita and veggie pita, but then I was introduced to the Creation a couple of years ago and I haven’t looked back since. It isn’t on the menu, but do me a favor and order the Creation Trio. The Creation is a grilled pita stuffed with chicken, eggplant, potatoes, coleslaw and make sure to ask for the hot sauce that is made daily and sits proudly in a legendary pot. The 2nd part of the trio are the garlic potatoes, which are perfectly roasted and topped with a creamy garlic sauce. These potatoes, well, words can’t even describe them and i’d be doing a disservice to them by attempting. Simply put, they are seasoned with love and the perfect resting place for the garlic sauce, not too “garlicky”, just right. The last part of the trio is a soft drink of your choice and it’s all yours for under $10!

More Creation and more garlic potatoes!

More Creation and more garlic potatoes!

Mr. Boustan is what makes Boustan what it is. Be ready to be treated to some great food and some wise words from the man who is beloved all through Montreal.

How good is it really? As I’m writing this at 12:30am, I feel the urge to drive 5000 km’s from Vancouver to get my late night Boustan fix!  


514-843-3576 (and they deliver)

2020 Crescent Street

Montreal, QC

The reason for the photo-taking by Mrs. Boustan is simple. There are some classic photos of Tom Selleck and other celebrities (some Canadiens players who are no longer on the team or who have failed to impress me this season so they will not be named) posted on the counter who have eaten at Boustan. I had always hoped to see mine up there, but it never came to be.



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3 responses to “The Legend of Boustan

  1. Jonathan

    Awesome post – since we went there last week I’ve been back twice already. It’s my cafeteria and definitely the best vegetarian sandwich of any kind in the city. I still rock my Boustan hat to baseball practice.

  2. Lu

    Que dire de plus! La description et les images ne font qu’accentuer le désir de découvrir cet endroit dont j’entends parler depuis si longtemps. Ceci étant dit, je me dois d’aller me délecter à mon tour de ce fameux pita poulet accompagné de pommes de terre et sauce à l’ail… Hmm mes papilles frémissent à cette simple pensée!

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