Discovering Lemongrass

The other day I was doing my weekly stop at T&T, which is this phenomenal Asian grocery store in Vancouver located on the corner of First Avenue and Renfrew. As usual, I was wandering around and deciding what new thing I should play with in the kitchen and the lemongrass called out to me. I’ve always enjoyed the aromatic and lemony taste of it in soups, so I wanted to see what I can do with it!

So when in doubt, go to a stirfry, right? It’s tough to mess up and usually anything goes. Once on my cutting board, I discovered that lemongrass is very hard and stalky. I peeled back the first layer and the aroma hit me immediately so I figured more was hidden underneath, so I proceeded to bruise it by banging the back of my knife over it before slicing it very very finely until the kitchen was full of lemony goodness.

Stiryfry with lemongrass

As for the stirfry, along with the lemongrass was a medley of vermicelli noodles, green pepppers and korean bean sprouts (another T&T treat). The sauce was made up of the usual suspects in my fridge these days, oyster sauce, Thai garlic chili sauce and soya sauce.

Overall, it was very good and I was very pleased with the lemongrass. My only disappointment was that I really underestimated the texture and while it was even sliced and cooked down in a stifry, it was a little on the tough side. It is so potent, that you can still definitely get the taste of the lemongrass by keeping it in larger pieces and removing it prior to serving or next time throwing it in a food processor or the Magic Bullet (which is an amazing invention!)


Stiryfry with lemongrass


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