2010 Vancouver Olympic recap

Sooooooooo for the month of February I was not blogging, I was thinking about it, but in the 5 hours that I had to myself each day I chose sleep. I know, weak!
Before I go any further, i’d like to give one more shout out to the (smurf) blue jacket team that put on the greatest show Canada had ever seen!

Now, when I wasn’t wasting all those hours sleeping, I was happily managing my Olympic Venue, Britannia Centre, the training venue where the men’s hockey teams practiced when they weren’t playing at Canada Hockey Place.

Since breakfast, lunch and dinner were taken care of everyday at Britannia, I wasn’t venturing out into the city to check out the Olympic menus and I certainly wasn’t making anything from home (unless hoisin sauce, oyster sauce and tobasco count as the basis for a nutritious homemade meal)

Before I go back into the food blogging world and as I let my stomach adjust to meals not consisting of soup and sandwiches for the last 30 days, I thought I could share with you some of my Olympic moments.

I had the honor of painting the centre ice red line where the world’s best hockey players skated over.

Painting Olympic Ice!

Look who is in the foreground of Team Canada’s Olympic photo?!

Team Canada

Catching a glimpse of the Cauldron at night

Olympic Cauldron

Since my feet are photographed in Italy, Whistler and everywhere of importance, why not situated at the stool belonging to Bob McKenzie on the CTV set overlooking Canada Hockey Place?

Bob McKenzie's stool

Check this out…puck in net, Sidney Crosby’s gloves and stick in the air, Men’s Olympic Gold medal for Team Canada

Golden Goal!

Golden Goal!

Neil Young serenading us at the Closing Ceremonies moments before the Cauldron is extinguished

Closing Ceremonies


The light is out...


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One response to “2010 Vancouver Olympic recap

  1. Wow, how cool that you were able to work for the Olympics! I was glued to the tv when they were on.

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