Calamari at the Cactus Club Cafe is a winner!

When it comes to calamari (Italian for squid), some restaurants miss badly, sometimes it’s soggy and other times it’s over-battered. I’m happy to report that the calamari served at the Cactus Club Cafe are neither of those!

Calamari at Cactus Club

Cactus Club offers calamari that is lightly battered and perfectly cripsy, but that doesn’t apply to just the calamari. The twist Chef Rob Feenie (yes, that Chef Feenie) and his Test Kitchen chefs have mastered are accompanying deep fried red peppers and jalapenos that just explode with flavor as you eat them (I could eat a plate of the jalapenos alone!) The dish is served with a nice chipotle aioli and tzatziki (but not an overpowering garlic type). Enjoy it!

When I ate there for lunch, the appetizer calamari was large enough that an entree was not needed, but there is definitely a wide ranging selection of options, even though i’m reporting on one particular dish.

Enjoy the vibe of the place, as it’s a nice mix of “loungy” bar with a full menu. There are plenty of locations and plenty to choose from on the menu, bon appetit!

Calamari - check out the red peppers and jalapenos

588 Burrard Street (Flagship location)

Vancouver, BC




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3 responses to “Calamari at the Cactus Club Cafe is a winner!

  1. Thanks for the tip. I love calamari and have been making it at home a lot. Good to know what to eat on occasions when I get dragged to The Cactus Club, since I’m not a fan of the food there.

  2. Deep fried jalapeno! Oo I have a Cactus Club gift cert that needs to be used up….

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