Boarding momentarily to the first leg of my Euro journey and thoughts are racing…

What is the Pintxo bar all about? Do the French really use that much cream? What park will I sit in in Paris eating my cheese and baguette? What new people will I meet that become friends? How good can really good moules frites be? Can I find Das boot in Germnay and how many different ways I can learn how to say “Tastes Better With Friends”

I always knew the day would come that I’d be out of a job when I decided to move out to Vancouver for the Olympics 11 months ago.

What I didn’t know was right at this moment I’d be sitting at Gate 58 of YVR (Vancouver Airport) ready to embark on a backpackin’ journey through Europe which will include the history, art, people and food of Barcelona, Lyon, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hanover.
I don’t know what my abilities will be to blog and post pictures on the wonky computers of the hostels but please know I’ll be taking a ton of pictures and wishing all of you could share the experience with me. I look forward to sharing everything with you along the way and when I return.

See you soon and thinking of you all! Ethan…out!


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