The Schnitzel Paparazzi at the Deutsches Haus

So, perhaps my most random entry to date. I’m sitting in Brussels and about to tell you about a German restaurant in Vancouver I went to a few weeks ago. I was invited by Victoria (of Victoria’s Food Secrets) to join some fellow Vancouver food bloggers as they get together from time to time and do what they do best, eat!

This entry will be a little different than others since I won’t be posting any pictures until I get back home in a week or so, but I encourage everyone to click on the blogs below to see some great photos and some terrific writing.

The Deutsches Haus was the destination and since I had Germany on my European itinerary (I’ve covered Spain, France and Belgium so far and I have the Netherlands and Germany to go), I was pretty excited to check it out.  I and some other brave souls ordered the Festplatte, which is meant for 4 people (at $20/person) and includes schnitzel, Eisbein (pork hock), Kassler (smoked and salted pork fillet), leberkase (some type of German meatload) and bratwurst sausages.

Yes, you are right, it sounds like a lot of meat and it is a lot of meat! You have to check out the pictures to see the enormity of it! I was pleasantly surprised that it was all good and Karl, the resident German from the Friday Lunch informed us that it was pretty authentic German food.  The platter also came with cabbage (mmm), sauerkraut (mmm again) and these dumplings that were disappointing in that they didn’t taste like anything and were hard to cut.

The highlight of the evening for me (aside from meeting wonderful new people) was the moment when the first platter came out and we had the first ever Schnitzel Paparazzi. Great big SLR cameras were brought out to take some terrific pictures and i’m happy to report I no longer will feel guilty about taking my point and shoot camera out since I know there are tons of other people who do it as well (so thank you all for that!).

For the most part, the food was very good, although my apple strudel was doughy and unflaky.

As I sat amongst everyone, I sat back for a moment and smiled as I looked around as it does Tastes Better With Friends.

Victoria’s Food Secrets

The Friday Lunch


Sherman’s Food Adventures


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On a side note, someone amongst our table saw a rat in the dining room while she was leaving. It is an old building and they are serving food, so i’m likely to give them the benefit of the doubt that it’s bound to happen from time to time. I can’t say I was comfortable about it when I heard and I still know what to make of it or how to mention it, but I wanted to mention it nonetheless.

Deutsches Haus Restaurant at Vancouver Alpen Club

4875 Victoria Drive

Vancouver, BC




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3 responses to “The Schnitzel Paparazzi at the Deutsches Haus

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  2. Hey Ethan,

    It was great to have you with us for this dinner! Now, Andrea (The Best Damn Food Blog) wasn’t there… It was me! 😀

  3. It was nice to meet you Ethan and sadly, you are leaving! We’ll play hockey again someday I’m sure!

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