Aloha from Maui

So my recurring thought as I’ve now been in Maui for a week is that I cannot believe this is how people live. Perfect weather (and I mean perfect), amazing views, a leisurely pace of life (from what I can tell) and some great food. Here are some highlights over the first few days, more to surely follow.

Aloha, welcome to Maui!

A Hula show

Don’t you have weekly Hula shows in your mall?

Shaved ice

A massive snowball of shaved ice with 1/2 strawberry and 1/2 Blue vanilla syrup and hiding underneath is vanilla ice cream. Basically, an absolutely delicious and refreshing creamsicle perfect for any of the 365 hot days in Maui.

Surfing Goat Dairy Farm

Welcome to the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm where I learned that goats are basically dogs, they want to be fed, scratched and loved. Their cheese must be that good from all the love they get! I had to try it and I was floored with my fresh ping pong size goat cheese balls served on a bed of local mango chutney.  The mango chutney, possibly one of the finest things I’ve ever tasted.

Ping pong goat cheese balls & mango chutney

If you’re nearby, stop in and enjoy!

Rainbow tree

On the famous Road to Hana, I found myself a rainbow tree. You look at it and can’t help but smile.

Loco Moco

Yes, I ate it all! Fried rice, topped with a hamburger patty (which you cannot see) because the patty is topped with two fried eggs and an obscene amount of heavenly gravy. It’s called a Loco Moco, it’s a traditional Hawaiian dish and it’s for breakfast and it was great!

Maui sunset

Every night, we’re treated to this. Life is good and hope yours is too wherever you are right now. Mahalo for stopping by…


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