Bottomless Goodness at Galaxie Diner

Ever have bottomless hashbrowns? Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So let me tell you about it. My first stop on my way back east was Calgary to visit some friends for a few days.

It was lunch time and we were hungry so the suggestion was made to check out a place called the Galaxie Diner.

Galaxie Diner

I love milkshakes, but I try not to have them too often, but when you’re sitting in a diner that makes them from scratch, well, you know how the story goes. I opted for the chocolate/coffee combo, it was sweet with the perfect hint of coffee. As you can see, it passed the all important straw test for thickness. And most importantly, I found a bit of ice cream left at the bottom that was happily eaten with a spoon.

Chocolate/Coffee Milkshake

Now, they do serve all day breakfast, breakfast burrito, omelettes, huevos rancheros (which my friend always orders), but I opted for the blue cheese burger. The burger was cooked perfectly, the blue cheese was in ideal oozing form and the hasbrowns were delicious. Once I was all done, the server came over and asked if I wanted more hashbrowns. I was full, but I’d never been asked that question before, so I had to say yes. Moments later, I was enjoying a few more hashbrowns. Bottomless hashbrowns…brilliant!

Blue Cheese Burger and Bottomless Hashbrowns

The Galaxie Diner is not huge, so prepare for a little bit of a wait, especially on weekends, but apparently they’ll pour you some coffee to make the wait more bearable.


Mon – Fri – 7AM – 3PM
Sat, Sun, Holidays – 7AM – 4PM


1413 11th St. SW

Calgary, ABT

2R 1G7

Tel – 403-228-0001



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2 responses to “Bottomless Goodness at Galaxie Diner

  1. Hi, Ethan. I just came across your blog and really enjoyed checking it out (I left Vancouver, more or less, to move west to the Gulf Islands – a different experience, from the many other places I’ve lived).

    Thanks for the entertaining site,


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