Crepes in Calgary

Name game time, when I say Calgary, you say?




Authentic Dutch Pancakes (aka crepes)…really?

It was Saturday, we were hungry and someone mentioned a hankering for crepes. So off we went to the Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus. The restaurant was full (always a positive sign) and we had a bit of a wait, so we all brushed up on our Netherlands geography as there is a big map by the front door.

Once we were seated, we started with a sweet hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

Hot Chocolate

Once equipped with the hot chocolate, we were able to start going over the 80 types of crepes, some sweet, some savory. I saw bacon was an option on many of them, so my eyes focused in on those and I opted for the bacon and leek crepe.

Bacon and Leek Crepe

The crepe was thin (as it should be) and the toppings were really good (how can you not love bacon?) Someone else at the table had bacon, leek and mushroom (they liked it), someone else had a herb butter crepe with a garden salad on top of it (they liked it), someone else had bacon and cheese (they liked it) and someone had 4-5 toppings (that I can’t remember) on theirs which looked good too. So the morale of the story, it’s good!

A little side note, I love condiments and if you’ve ever seen my fridge, you know it’s true. So I had to try the Dutch condiments that I couldn’t pronounce on the table. This first one tasted like a liquid, slightly less salty version of vegemite, which was actually pretty good on the crepe.

I wish I could pronounce this...

The other one was some type of Dutch syrup which was a mix between maple syrup and molasses, so it poured pretty slowly and was not surprisingly very sweet.

Dutch syrup


Monday and Tuesday – Closed

Wednesday – Friday – 10am-8pm

Saturday – 8am-8pm

Sunday – 8am-3pm


2439 – 54th Ave. SW

Calgary AB T3E 1M4

Tel – 403-243-7757


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