Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. Does It Right

Apparently there was a Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. in Vancouver the entire time I lived there. Instead, I had to drive 900 km’s to find out there was one in Canmore, Alberta.

You know that feeling when you walk into a restaurant and you just know it will be good, well, that feeling exists at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. As you walk in, you can’t help but direct your eyes to the impressive clay wood-fired oven.

Clay wood-fired oven - Need to get me one!

Not only was the oven a sight to behold, so were the types of pizza. My eyes wandered down the menu until I saw sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and goat’s cheese. Combined with the 100% organic ingredients for the dough itself, I knew it was going to be a treat and I was right! The goat cheese was baked into the pizza perfectly, it even had that mozzarella-type stretchiness to it.

Sundried Tomato with Goat Cheese

As for the other pizza’s that were ordered, two more great choices. I mean, who wouldn’t want the Apple Chicken Harvest which obviously had chicken, Granny Smith apples (which held up to the baking and was the perfect choice), as well as red onions, cherry tomatoes, pesto and cheddar cheese. You can tell it was good since I couldn’t get the picture taken in time before a piece was taken! Next time I make pizza, i’m putting apple on it!

Apple Chicken Harvest

The last pizza on the table was the Calabrese, which consisted of spicy salami, black olives, sliced bocconcini, cherry tomatoes, onions and fresh basil. Anything with bocconcini and basil is a win for me.


My three suggestions when going to the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

1 – Go with a big group of friends so you can tackle as many types of pizza’s as possible.

2 – If it’s winter, try and sit beside the oven, that thing packs some major heat!

3 – The other reason to go with a big group of friends is because it always Tastes Better With Friends.

The Canmore location is open 7 days a week beginning at 11:30am

#1 838 10th Street, Canmore Alberta

Tel – 403 609 5508


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