Heading East…Road Trip Anyone? The Finale

Welcome back! If you missed the last blog, here is a little recap from Montana as I made my way east through the U.S.

With Mount Rushmore on our minds, we almost drove right by Old McDonald’s Farm. But, how often can you actually sing at the actual farm? “Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o”


Old McDonald's Farm

Although, I don’t remember anything in the song about the goat bridge.

The patriotic goat bridge

My only comment is that they did not look comfortable up there.

The goat bridge

In our third verse of Old McDonald had a farm, we made finally made it to Mount Rushmore. I was not quite sure what to expect, I mean, they carved the faces of four American President’s into the side of a mountain! I was struck with how detailed it was and how smooth it looked. And not to be too demanding, I thought it would be bigger, but than again, you can only view it from 300 feet away. I’m sure if I was looking at it face to face, it would be seem pretty big!

I’m going for that pensive look.

Contemplating Mount Rushmore

Even got Washington’s collar and look at the detail of Roosevelt’s mustache!

Classic Mount Rushmore shot

Getting creative with an SLR camera, I love this shot, but I didn’t take it, remember I have a roadie photographer.

Rushmore with a twist

I won’t bore you with the details, but we left Mount Rushmore in the early evening and we still had some serious driving to do in order to hit up Miller Park in Milwaukee the next day for a baseball game. Simply put, Mount Rushmore to Milwaukee is about 14 hours of straight driving. So the goal was to drive as long as humanly possible into the night and stopping for a quick dinner along the way. Well, the only problem with that is we presumed something would be open in the middle of the night in South Dakota along the I-90. Wrong!

Well, 1am along the highway in South Dakota, this is sometimes the best you can do.

1/2 pound of late night Chicken Quesadilla action

Honestly, sauerkraut in a package, brilliant!

Quesedillas with random condiments

The good news is that we drove enough that night to make the drive the next day manageable and we got to Milwaukee in time for the baseball game. The bad news is that I did not catch a ball, but I managed to have a ballpark bratwurst with sauerkraut and what they called their Special Stadium Sauce, which was sweet and a little kick to it.

I had a bit of nostalgia taking the picture sitting out there in the bleachers. The last time I was in the outfield of a baseball game, I came up with Tastes Better With Friends.

Milwaukee Brat

Good news…Milwaukee to Chicago = 2 hours of driving = spending the morning in Milwaukee and checking out the city.

So where do two people that love food go?

Milwaukee Public Market

In case you didn’t know, Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland

Cheese in all shapes and forms

Another bratwurst, this time in a pretzel bun. It smelled like a pretzel, but was softer than I thought it would be. It was pretty good and I really want one right now.

Bratwurst in a preztel bun

Welcome to Chicago! If you haven’t been to Chicago yet, you need to make it here soon.

Welcome to Millenium Park, a great park with tons of art, including a funky jelly-bean shaped thing that is perfect for picture taking.

Me and the bean

One more hotdog, this time at Wrigley Field. Check out that dynamic relish! And no, I did not catch a ball here either.

Wrigley Dog

Wrapping up Chicago with an evening of deep dish pizza (separate blog to follow soon) and a walk to the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower)

Willis/Sears Tower at night

That next morning, I took Susy (my adventuresome friend who was a great fellow road-tripper and can’t want to hit the Deep South) to the airport to head back to Vancouver and I headed east and north and made my way back to Canada. It’s a strange feeling not being out west, but looking forward to what the provinces of Ontario and Quebec have in store for me this summer. Looking forward to sharing it with you!



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3 responses to “Heading East…Road Trip Anyone? The Finale

  1. When my fiance and I went to the. . .Cheese Castle (or something like that?) in Wisconsin, I thought I’d finally found my true home.

    10 points for including a picture of beer-shaped cheese. That made my day brighter.

  2. Wow! What a great roadtrip. Were those veggie hotdogs? I’m vegan so that was my attempt at vegetarian humor. I think there are trails at Mt. Rushmore where you can hike back behind the faces. It is a cool view, but it looks like you were in a hurry to get to the ballgame. McDonald’s farm is hilarious. I’ll have to check that out next time I’m out that way. Great post!

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