Toronto Island Afternoon Getaway

Vancouver seems like a long time ago. I needed to see a friendly face AND to be surrounded by water, so I took off to Toronto to see a friend of mine from the Olympics who was back in Ontario as well. So, that accomplishes the friendly face dilemma, but what about the surrounded by water thing you ask? Welcome to Wards Island!

Wards Island

With the Pier not far from Union Station, anyone can jump on the ferry for $6.50 round-trip to any of the three islands that make up Toronto Island. We chose Ward’s Island since we scouted out a nice cafe for lunch (by the water of course). As soon as we saw Rectory Cafe, we knew we made the right decision.

Land side – check out the little buggy on the right side. Probably not many modes of transportation around the island.

Rectory Cafe

Not too bad for a Wednesday afternoon

Water front view

I seem to be on a blue cheese with my burger kick these days, because my eyes went directly to the lamb burger with blue cheese and a garlic aioli. The burger was tender and had the grill marks you look for and the blue cheese was warm and creamy. I didn’t pick up much of the aioli and to be honest, I had forgotten it came with it and until I checked the menu again to write this entry. Obviously the burger was pretty good on its own if I didn’t miss the aioli.

Lamb burger with blue cheese and mixed greens

What truly made it a great atmosphere was a comment by the server. When he came around the first time to take our order, we had not decided yet, so we asked for a few more minutes, his reply, “you’re on island time, you have all day to decide.”

After lunch, we took a walk around the island. I did not realize how many people live here. I’m still not sure if they get around on the ferry or their own boat, but people were out in front of their homes/cottages cutting the lawn, BBQ-ing and working on renovation projects.

An afternoon stroll on Wards Island

The view from Wards Island. Nice that you can get away from the city and have the calm island vibe without having to go too far.

View from Wards Island

On the ferry back to Toronto, the customary picture from the water.

Toronto from the ferry

Wherever you are, plan to spend an afternoon away from the city and treat yourself to a relazxed lunch with local seasonal ingredients. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but eating on an island Tastes Better With Friends.



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2 responses to “Toronto Island Afternoon Getaway

  1. Sandra

    Love the photos:)) just want to walk through that garden!

  2. Susy aka 1/2 groupie

    I love the concept of Island time! Your pics look great, the colours are amazing! Nice. Having a hard time relating to anything Toronto though…

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