Eating Adventures in Barcelona

Do you like time off and vacations and going places? Well, if so, I’d like to do my best to share with you my adventures over the last few months. As you know, it began in Vancouver to work for the Olympics. From there, it was Europe, Hawaii, Vancouver (for about 6 days), than roughly 4000 kilometres (2500 miles) across the Canada and the United States. I wrote a couple of entries along the way, but I’ve been looking through my 3000-ish photos and feel the need to share, so first stop…Welcome to Barcelona, Spain.

So me and my sense of direction are not good friends. I want to be friends with the whole gang, you know maps, streets, North, East, South and West, but it never works out. So, imagine my surprise when I found the restaurant I was looking for in Barcelona! Pla de la Garsa is a restaurant in a 17th century building that features Catalan cuisine. Catalonia being a community/region of Spain that has its own language, culture and its capital is Barcelona.

Pretty exciting to find something you're looking for!

17th Century building

I had read about Pla de la Garsa in Frommers and it had all the criteria I was looking for.

1) Close-ish to a metro

2) Reasonable prices

3) Authentic to the region

Pla de la Garsa

For starter’s, I opted for the “Cod Carpaccio and Olives in Vinaigrette”. I’d only had beef carpaccio before and needless to say, the taste and texture is much different. My first question was can carpaccio be sliced too thin? Because it was sliced thinner than thin. After my first bite, I made sure to scoop a few other slices onto my fork to get a better feel for the texture and taste. It was definitely light and very fresh tasting. I had hoped the olives would produce a little more saltiness to bring out the fish taste, but other than that, it was a great dish to begin with.

Cod Carpaccio and Olives in Vinaigrette

Now, I had decided on the “Sweet Peppered Sausage”, but they were all sold out, so in keeping with the regional theme, I opted for “Timbal Black Catalan Sausage with Mushrooms”. Well, I got sausage, but not quite how I had envisioned it. Bluntly, I was served ground-up sausage with ground-up mushrooms. Not surprisingly, it was mushy and I used the pine nuts strategically to give each bite some crunch and texture. The sausage worked better with the bread that accompanied it. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed with it, but that’s exploring and travelling, right?

"Timbal" Black Catalan Sausage With Mushrooms

If you make it to Barcelona, Pla de la Garsa is definitely worth checking out. And don’t worry, they have menus in many languages, but you’ll likely get the Spanish one first!

If you need a little more Barcelona, check out the entry I wrote back in April when I was there.



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9 responses to “Eating Adventures in Barcelona

  1. Oh I’m so relieved to read your post. When I saw the tweet I was worried you might be posting about eating hotdogs in Barcelona! Looks like you had much more interesting things to eat than that.

    • tastesbetterwithfriends

      Ha! Thanks for your concern Marly! The hot dogs were a baseball thing, I did a little better when I was in Europe:)

  2. I’m from Barcelona (right now I live in Boston) and I LOVED THIS POST 🙂

  3. Oooh, we hope to make it to Spain soon. Until then, I’ll just “travel” vicariously through your pictures and stories. Can’t wait to see more of Spain through your eyes 🙂

  4. I found your blog through Joy The Baker. Great photos- I’ll definitely be back to visit!

  5. Your blog is really nice! I especially like your pictures. Thanks for leaving me a comment.

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