Baguette, meat, fries and sauce = Mitraillette

Sometimes you eat things that MAY not be good for you and sometimes you eat things that are 100% ABSOLUTELY NOT good for you, but it’s so good that you don’t care. I discovered something called a “Mitraillette” in Brussels a couple of months ago. Let’s play a game and guess which category the mitraillette falls into? I’ll give you some hints…


The word “Mitraillette” is French and translates into a “submachine gun”, so we’re not talking small or flimsy.

Still not sure…ok, the next few hints might help…

It is served on a French baguette

On the baguette there is some type of meat, either, hamburger (which I had), sausage or steak.

You have a question, don’t you?  How does one (1) round hamburger get placed on a long French baguette? Well, who said it’s one hamburger, it’s actually three patties side by side by side.

Need another hint?

Ok, so on top of the meat, which is on top of the baguette are french fries. But these are not ordinary fries, they are Belgian twice fried french fries. Oh, yea, there’s a fork in the picture. Well, it’s impossible to close the sandwich with that many fries, so the fries get eaten until the mitraillette can actually be picked up.

So much of everything!

You’ve guessed it by now, haven’t you? Well, just in case, I have one more hint for you.

On top of the crispy fries, which is on top of the meat, which is on top of the baguette is any number of condiments or sauces. Take your pick, mayo, ketchup, bernaise sauce, cheese sauce.

You knew as soon as you saw the picture, didn’t you? Well, thanks for humoring me!

A few questions that I’m sure you’re asking yourselves…

You – Is it good?

Me – OMG good!

You – Isn’t it a lot for one person to eat?

Me – Yes, yes it is, but I managed to accomplish it.

You -Was I hungry for the rest of the day?

Me – No, not at all!

You – Was there a small piece of fried onion sticking out from under the hamburger and fries?

Me – Of course, need my veggies!

You -Do you want one right now?

Me – Yes, I do and I think I may just document it when I try to re-create the magic of the mitraillette in the kitchen.

You – Will I write about it again?

Me – Yes



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7 responses to “Baguette, meat, fries and sauce = Mitraillette

  1. Eric

    Of all the meals you’ve walked us through that looks truly, fantastically, sinful — I want one, though would have picked the sausage.

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  4. So sinfully delicious looking. Bad for you…who cares; sometimes a boy has to do what a boy has to do!

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