Belgian Waffles are Serious Waffles

So when I last wrote, I was trying to be cutesy while being totally obvious in my attempt to justify eating a monstrosity of a sandwich that the folks in Belgium call a mitraillette. Whereas the mitraillette was a pleasant surprise that I had never heard of, I knew full well that I’d be tackling something synonymous with Belgium, that being their decadent Belgian Waffle. This ain’t no ordinary waffle with a bit of syrup, but rather slathered in chocolate and whipped cream.

This entry is throwing healthy eating entirely out the window, there will be no beating around any type of bush and no sugar coating (well, chocolate coating actually). Roll up your sleeves, this is gonna get messy!

Belgian Waffle

So what do we know about Belgian waffles? Well, after having one, I can tell you that they are lighter, crunchier and not as doughy as we’re accustomed to in North America. They also have extra large pockets/crevices/dimples, which are just perfect for puddles of chocolate to gather in before it then gets doused with whipped cream! Now, at this point, the crunchy factor pretty much disappears as it begins to soak in all the topping-goodness.

Waffles for everyone

My attempt was to eat it with the flimsy little fork and be as classy and neat as one can be when eating a massive waffle with chocolate and whipped cream, but that experiment failed, so I just went all in and picked it up with my hands. I can tell you that it was messy and sticky, but the folks of Belgium sure know their waffles!

Belgium has now ruined Eggo waffles for me!


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One response to “Belgian Waffles are Serious Waffles

  1. wants2bsurfing

    OMG! Those look amazing! *drool*

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