Jam-jams (aka Butterscotch Jelly Cookies)

In a previous life, I worked 100 hours a week. When you’re in an office for that many hours a week getting paid not nearly what you’re worth, you tend to create special bonds with your colleagues. Misery loves company, right?

Well, the positive of that exploitation emerged great friendships with even greater people. And when one of these friends has a family cottage and I get invited to enjoy their own private lake, even better! You may remember I thanked them for their hospitality a couple of months ago by putting together a little S’mores action.

Well, I got invited back for a baptism last weekend and amongst all the food was a cookie made by my friend’s grandma that all the grandchildren affectionately refer to as jam-jams. After having one (or three) of these delicious jam-jams, I politely asked grandma (which is what I also call her) for the recipe. Without hesitation, she said yes and even offered to write out the recipe by hand for me. Honestly, when are you going to turn down a hand-written recipe?

A postcard of jam-jams

So what are jam-jams? Well, the official recipe name are Butterscotch Jelly Cookies and yes, jam-jams do sound better than jelly-jellies. In speaking with grandma, she prefers to use jelly (red current is her preference) over jam as it doesn’t make the cookie too wet like them jam does.

So how did I do? Well, I think a couple of them turned out how I remember them tasting, thin and chewy with just the right amount of jelly. But I’ll be the first to admit that mine didn’t look or taste quite as good as grandma’s. I definitely need some practice.

jam-jams in the making

So…this recipe involves a rolling pin. I haven’t used a rolling pin in about 25 years and I was a little freaked out! Let’s have a look at what I need to improve on after a little self-assessment. Here is the initial list as I’m sure there’s a bunch of other things that I can improve on.

  • I under-rolled the dough so the cookies were too thick.
  • So I think on the second batch, I over-rolled them so they were too hard.
  • I did not sprinkle enough flour on the counter to begin with, so it was tough to get the off the counter.
  • I need to be more liberal with the flour on the rolling pin.
  • I used the smallest glass possible to make the hole in the middle, but I’ve been informed it needs to be smaller for it to be an authentic jam-jam.


Butterscotch Jelly Cookies (or jam-jams as the kids call them nowadays)

Grandma's Recipe

Thanks grandma, I hope I did you proud and looking forward to our next game of euchre!



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4 responses to “Jam-jams (aka Butterscotch Jelly Cookies)

  1. Mike Williams

    Nothing will ever compare to Grandma Marie’s Jam-Jams! Not even my moms manage to master her own mothers recipe!

  2. My mom makes a similar cookie with her apricot jam and they’re so delicious. They’re one of my favourites but she only makes them at Christmas time.

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