Friends of the Ivory Hut Unite

Can you imagine losing everything you own?

Sure, some things are replaceable, but all the insurance money in the world isn’t going to bring back your grandmother’s necklace, your children’s baby pictures, your external drive with your once-in-a-lifetime pictures and everything else that is priceless and you’d never ever part with.

Through Twitter, I learned this past Wednesday of a fellow food blogger named Erika (of the Ivory Hut) lost her home to a fire. Once her family barely managed to escape the burning home, her son run back into the house to rescue his sleeping grandmother before climbing out onto the roof to carry her down to safety. Her family has lost everything, except for their love for one another that is crucial in a time like this.

I don’t know Erika and will likely never meet her, but in reading her story and hearing how her friends have come to her aid, I bet she’d be at the front of the line to help me out if this ever happened to me.

As I read this nightmare of a story, I couldn’t help by think of all recent articles I’ve read lately about the International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) that just ended last week in Seattle. By all accounts, the IFBC was an amazing success, in large part due to the passion food bloggers have and how tight-knit the community is. Incredibly, food blogs are now at 12,000 strong and growing and that’s not even counting the exponential reach on Twitter.

Well, food bloggers, quite simply, this is our chance to show that when it comes to one of our own, not only do we talk the talk, we absolutely walk the walk.

Erica’s friends have put together a site called Friends of the Ivory Hut to tell her story and allow people the chance to donate what they can. It won’t bring back the pictures, but it will help ease the pain and let Erica and her family know she’s got supporters out there. I donated and I’m thinking 12,000 x any amount is a pretty incredible statement of how amazing food bloggers can be and are!

I believe it truly does tastes better with friends and it takes friends at a time like this.



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5 responses to “Friends of the Ivory Hut Unite

  1. This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing Erika’s story on your blog. I appreciate it very much.

  2. I agree 100% with Alice. Thank you, Ethan, for taking the time to show support for someone you may never meet. We really are kindred spirits, aren’t we?

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Ethan. It’s always nice to see a community rally around a friend at a time like this.

  4. BTW, someone stole your “c” in subscribe!

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