I’m competing in Project Food Blog!

When I began food blogging, my inspiration came from within and from those around me. I wanted to eat with friends and write about it. That inspiration is still there, but for the next 12 weeks, I have a new-found inspiration…to compete, have some fun and put myself in a position to win the first ever food blog competition, Project Food Blog!

Beginning next week, Tastes Better With Friends will be among 2,000 other food blogs from Foodbuzz.com that will compete in a variety of food blog challenges. Each round, a panel of judges and YOU will be given the opportunity to vote and slowly whittle down the contestants until there is one final food blog and blogger left standing.

My entries (yes, positive thinking so I’m saying multiple entries all the way to the finals in December) will always be posted on here and will be linked back to the Foodbuzz site for voting. For old and new friends, I’ve created my contestant profile page to get to know me a little more. Please have a read here.

Think of this post as a heads-up of many more to come. Get used to the image below, you’ll be seeing this in the weeks to come so you can link and vote for me as I attempt to become the next food blog star! A word of caution, you will have to register in order to cast your vote, hopefully you all don’t mind having one more username and password to remember. On the positive side, you’ll be able to vote and have access to thousands of amazing food blogs!

A big preemptive thank you to all of you for what should be a fun ride and good luck to everyone!

Project Food Blog - Ethan Adeland


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