Tastes Better With Friends – A Case Study (PFB2010 #1)

Welcome to my first of ten (positive thoughts) posts for Project Food Blog (more details below).

With a nod to the great storyteller Sophia Petrillo of the Golden Girls…here is my first Project Food Blog entry.

Picture it…a pot-luck dinner in your home, tables and chairs thrown together and surrounded by a bunch of your wonderful friends. That thought alone makes you smile on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside. You’ve all been meaning to get together for a while now, but life seems to get in the way. As you sit down and enjoy each other’s specialty dish that was made with TLC, you all wonder out loud why you don’t do this more often and plan to do this again very soon. It’s tough to put your finger on exactly what makes these moments so special, but what you do realize is it always seems to tastes better with friends.

Tastes Better With Friends

I like making people happy. It makes me feel good. I’ve always tried to think outside the box like using a cutting board as the canvas for a homemade Valentine’s day card. When I began food blogging, it just made sense to use food as the means to make people happy. How have I done so far? Well, let’s have a look at some personal case studies…

Case Study #1 – Knowing virtually no one, I moved to Vancouver in 2009 to work for the Olympic Organizing Committee.  Soon enough, I had made some great friends who, like me had moved to Vancouver to showcase Canada and put on a show the world would not soon forget! When you move far away from family and friends, it’s the little things in life that you miss, like a home-cooked meal. So with that in mind, I invited a bunch of friends over and cooked for a full day to produce a menu of matzah ball soup, salad, roast, potatoes, roasted veggies and a honey cake that I was so proud of, my friends made me pose with it. It was such a fun night and for me it was satisfying to bring the comforts of home to all my friends, if only for one evening.

Me and my honey cake

Case Study #2 – Birthday’s are a time for extravagance and I decided to hook up a buddy for his birthday by making cheeseburger cupcakes (yes, you read that correctly). It was a win-win situation, I had a blast in the kitchen, produced fun material for my blog, enjoyed cheeseburger cupcakes with about twenty friends and most importantly surprised a friend on his birthday.

Cheeseburger cupcakes

Case Study #3 – When you live near water, it makes for a great place for a date. In an attempt to impress a girl, I made lunch and decided to create an interactive element to the picnic by showing her how to transform an asian pear into a bird.  The lunch was great, Hank the bird was created and I’m still single, well two out of three ain’t bad.

Interactive date

Case Study #4 – Even dogs think it tastes better with friends!

Tastes Better With Friends - Doggy-style

Case Study #5 – There are about 2,000 incredible food bloggers competing in Project Food Blog and we’re all winners, even though only one will be crowned champion.

We open our kitchens and hearts to each other and the world every time we hit “submit” to post our latest entry. I’ve met a ton of wonderful people through my blog and each of you have proven to me that real or virtual, it always Tastes Better With Friends and for that I thank you for giving me the confidence to enter and maybe even visualizing myself winning this competition. I have no idea where my Project Food Blog journey will take me, but I’m looking forward to the ride.

It’s the simple things in life that make the world a happy place and with the help of food and a little creativity, that’s what I try to do every chance I have.  As for winning it all and being the next food blog star, it always Tastes Better With Friends and I’m looking forward to bringing that message to all the pot-lucks, picnics and birthday parties out there.

Please click on my profile to learn a little bit more about me. Voting begins September 20 and ends September 23. I’ll put a little reminder next week just in case.

And finally, after all this and you’re asking yourself, what on earth is Project Food Blog? Well, it “is the first-ever interactive competition where thousands of Foodbuzz Featured Publishers are competing in a series of culinary blogging challenges for the chance to advance and a shot at the ultimate prize: $10,000 and a special feature on Foodbuzz.com for one year.”

The voting will be done by Foodbuzz Featured Publishers and a panel of three judges who have the task of reading every single entry! The brave souls are Dana Cowin, the Editor-in-Chief of FOOD & WINE Magazine, Nancy Silverton, the Founder of La Brea Bakery and the Co-owner of Mozza and lastly, Pim Techamuanvivit, the author of ChezPim.com and The Foodie Handbook. Voting will also be open to the general public but a Foodbuzz profile is needed.

Thanks for your support and good luck to all!



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35 responses to “Tastes Better With Friends – A Case Study (PFB2010 #1)

  1. Melanie

    What an absolutely sweet, heartfelt first entry for Project Food Blog! Those cheeseburger cupcakes look divine. I’m behind you all the way to the finish. Good luck! Bonne chance! (Yes, good luck is necessary in two languages – food judges love French, no? 😉 )

    All the best,
    Melanie from Italofile.com

  2. wants2bsurfing

    Good luck!!

  3. I came to check out the competition. I got a heartwarming story that reminds me why I blog myself. You look super strong. Good Luck. GREG

  4. Thank you for sharing your life. I look forward to reading more. I will be posting my project food buzz entry tomorrow. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  5. Followed the link from your comment on my post, and wanted to check out the competition. I’m so excited to find so many great bloggers out there that I may never have found otherwise! There’s a lot of strong competition out there, but as long as friends are made in the process, I’m good no matter how far along I end up. Best of luck to you; I’ll be returning to your blog soon! (Now to check out those cheeseburger cupcakes…)

  6. Things do taste better with friends! And it helps when what you’re eating is made with care and passion. Great post–good luck in the competition!!

  7. Great first post. May us Canadians go far in this! Good luck, friend.

  8. Amy

    My second job out of college (many years ago, ahem) was in Minnesota. To me, a world away from my family, friends, and comfort zone in California. But it was a newly formed company, with about 50 “orphans” from around the globe starting it. We all became fast friends over cooking and eating. Food really is universal. Love your story, Ethan. I voted, of course!

  9. Shut the front door!!!! my best girlfriends and i always joke about 2050 living in Miami together Golden Girls Style. The convo always starts “Picture it, Miami, 2050…” Best of luck! Congrats on a great post!!

  10. Great post! Love the cheeseburger cupcakes. I voted for you! =)

    Good luck!

    Check out my PFB post: http://www.foodbuzz.com/project_food_blog/challenges/1/view/503

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Thanks Jacob, best of luck to you as well! The cheeseburger cupcakes are a big winner all the time. You had my vote this morning…all good.

  11. Food and film are always better in the company of loved ones. I’ve spent some time in Vancouver, West Van is one of my favorite places in the world (mostly because there are blackberries everywhere). Definitely voting for you, keep up the good work!

    Lick My Spoon

  12. Your post is heartwarming, and yes, I want those cheeseburger cupcakes for my birthday! Good luck for PFB, you have my vote.

  13. Awesome cupcakes! I just gave you a vote! You can check out my entry here: http://tinyurl.com/2ec2hlq Thanks and Good Luck!!

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Those cupcakes are a fan favorite for sure! Thanks for the vote, look forward to reading your entry (and voting), good luck as well!

  14. You convinced me. I want to see more so I’ve cast one of my votes for you.

  15. I enjoyed your post very much! You’re right we are all winners and best of luck on where the journey takes us. I loved your cheeseburgers!

  16. You got my vote. Glad to be introduced to your blog via PFB. Much luck!

  17. I loved reading your post and always glad to ‘meet’ a fellow foodie that loves feeding friends and family as much as I do! 🙂 Just voted for you!

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