LeBron’s Decision…What If?

What if LeBron had stayed in Cleveland? Tonight’s game of the Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers would be the official crowning of LeBron James as the undisputed King of the People and more importantly, the good guy of Cleveland and the world.

However, that is not how tonight’s game will play out. Here’s hoping everyone behaves and no one gets hurt.

With that said, I wanted to look back on that fateful night of The Decision and see how that evening could have played out instead…

LeBron – I’ve thought long and hard about this decision. I value the history of the game and pay homage to the greats that have paved the way for me to make millions doing what I do. I want to play for a city that loves me and treats me well and the last few weeks have made it clear that one city stands above the rest. I may be from Akron, Ohio, but the city of Cleveland have adopted me and my family as their own and for that, I will remain a Cleveland Cavalier and bring a championship to this great city.

Later that evening, as the city of Cleveland was planning a parade in honor of James’ decision for the following day, the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers Dan Gilbert released a letter he had drafted after hearing of LeBron’s decision.

Dan Gilbert – I often talk too much, so let me keep this simple. Like the rest of the nation, I had no idea of LeBron’s decision to remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers organization. Like the rest of the city of Cleveland, I am hoarse from screaming and I may have pulled a muscle in my back from the most execuberant fist pump in the history of Cleveland sports (well, maybe only to Michael Jordan’s after his game-winning jump shot over Craig Ehlo, but that’s for another day). In summary, LeBron, thank you for being a part of the Cavalier family and I guarantee we will win a championship before those so-called basketball fans in South Beach.


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