How a Tweet Turned Into a Spectacular Prime Rib Roast

What is Twitter? I know there are people far more “in the know” than me that could offer an explanation with a bunch of buzz words to explain Twitter and yet the answer may or may not be any more clear.

I myself, find it hard to define exactly what Twitter is since people use it for a variety of reasons. But I can tell you what I think Twitter is all about, how its evolved for me and yes, I promise there is roast at the end of the rainbow post.

Now is the time for honesty. I joined Twitter because I figured, “I have this blog, I think it’s pretty good, I’ll tweet about it, it will become a viral sensation and voila, I’ll be a household name!” To my newbie astonishment, it didn’t go viral and I’m barely a household name in my own house. And even though, I’d happily take all that, I’m better off for how things have transpired for what I’ve gained in the process.

You see, when you start on Twitter, you have nothing. You have no one following you and you aren’t following anyone. It’s up to you to grow it, it’s organic.  When I began, I knew of a couple of friends on Twitter but then I began doing searches of other food bloggers and I was amazed at the number of food bloggers out there. Each one seemingly more talented than the other, which is saying something because they’re all so amazing! So, I began following these people based solely on their blog and amazingly, in turn, most of them followed me back. Then the tweeting began and as talented as they were, they were even nicer to chat with. Not only do I shake my ahead in amazement with all their daily creations, but I’m happy and proud to call them my friends even though I’ve never met them in person.

I feel the friendship’s I’ve built are real and genuine because although the relationship may have originated with a food interest they have evolved to much more, be it encouraging someone when their day isn’t going well to just shooting the breeze at 140 characters at a time.

So, that’s my take on Twitter.

Now, by this point, you may be asking, how in the world does this have anything to do with a Prime Rib Roast? Well, I had a roast to prepare and decided to test my friends out in Twitter-land and simply tweeted if anyone had a great recipe. I was not let down because moments later, my friend Gail, better known as @THETOUGHCOOKIE on Twitter responded. As the name would suggest, Gail is a tough cookie, but in a crunchy, yet chewy sort of way AND she makes outrageously amazing cookies, as her website and appearances on The Today Show and Martha Stewart can attest to. Although, she’s all about the sweets, Gail has a savory side and was making her own prime rib. So she responded back to my tweet with a video of  Melissa Clark or @GoodAppetite. Melissa is a food writer extraordinaire for the New York Times amongst others and recent author of In The Kitchen With a Good Appetite.

Gail made her roast the day before and the pictures she was posting made me salivate in anticipation. I knew I was in for a treat and a great recipe and I was right, I got Melissa being her usual fun and charming self while putting together a very simply, yet delicious wet rub for her holiday prime rib roast.  And that my friends is how a tweet turned into an incredible roast.

In so far as the recipe, Melissa pretty much says and shows it all in the video. If you want a great garlic and herb paste for any type of meat, this is it. It’s tough to mess up who isn’t up for fail-safe recipe? For the record, I added anchovies to my paste and not only did the house smell phenomenal while it was cooking, it tasted great!

Come join the fun over on Twitter, if you start with Gail, Melissa and myself, you’ll definitely be well-fed.



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47 responses to “How a Tweet Turned Into a Spectacular Prime Rib Roast

  1. So glad you tackled this- it’s a great topic, how we’ve seemingly made real life friends out of many of our tweet people. The roast looks stunning too. Bravo, darling.

  2. This. Roast. Is. So. Beautiful. I’m salivating.

    And I think you summed up Twitter pretty nicely. I’m still surprised that such awesome people talk to me! And whoever thought you could build relationships through 140 characters?

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      I told you, roast for biscuits, it’s on! You’re pretty awesome yourself, we’re lucky to talk to you on Twitter:)

  3. Around my house, the world of Twitter is known as “Your invisible friends on Twitter.” Honestly, it’s amazing how close I feel to all the Tweeps I’ve never met. Including you!
    Happy New Year.
    Warm regards, MrsWheelbarrow

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      I’ve been lucky enough to meet a handful of people and hopefully one of these days, we’ll meet up too!

  4. Jennifer A (Bread and Putter)

    Beautiful! Isn’t Twitter neat? Glad I “met” you there recently.

  5. I challenge Gail to make a Prime Roast cookie now. I won’t eat it, but I challenge her to make it. Now who’s the tough cookie 😉

  6. Great idea for a post! Happy to call you my “friend”, and hopefully the next time I’m in Vancouver we can have cocktails. I loved the “I’m barely a household name in my own house.” line. Oh, and the beef roast looks lovely!

  7. Ethan, you’ve described the twitter experience to a “T”. SO many fantastic people out there to meet! Your rib roast looked divine! Happy that I could link you to @goodappetite’s inspiring video!

  8. Ethan, Really like your writing! In my eyes you went viral the minute you became the twitter bachelor. lol. Happy to be friends with you!! Shulie

  9. Great blog post. It is amazing the relationships built by using twitter. This is a great article for good reasons to twitter. People can learn to cook. Love it!

  10. Ha! Brian re: Prime Roast cookie! lol!
    Ethan-great post…AWESOME pic! Yum. Glad we found each other on twitter…and then met in your life, you are awesome…as are the above mentioned foodie rock stars.

  11. How Fantastic! I love it.The roast looks spectacular. ya know about the only thing I dont make is Prime Rib…guess that won’t be the case anymore! Thanks!

  12. Love your twitter analysis! And that’s a fabulous looking Prime Rib!

  13. Great post! Truthful and to a T! Beautiful Roast!

  14. Lovely story about what Twitter really is for many of us. Friends! Glad to have met you and here’s to Atlanta!

  15. Oh this rib is amazing! I’m glad you have the time to be on twitter that often if this is what comes out of it (and not only). I don’t get to be on twitter almost ever and I know I miss out a lot of great things. And btw, you are a name in my household 🙂

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      there are benefits to having Twitter on your phone and having A LOT of free time these days. Ha, thanks! Glad i’m a name in someone’s household and salute to Nutella!

  16. I must admit that I found your blog thru the FoodBuzz contest. You voice was original and entertaining so I started stopping by your blog. From there I began following you on Twitter, where I noticed you were just as engaging and charming. I don’t tweet much, but enjoy what I do read. Still your blog is my first love and I am nothing if not loyal.

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Yes, the Foodbuzz contest definitely opened up a new world to many of us, me included! Thank you Greg, I find your posts and pictures absolutely wonderful, so I truly appreciate your kind words.

  17. Beautiful job on this….I so want a portion. 😉

  18. Yay for Twitter! Twitter has been one of the best parts about my new blog. That roast looks so amazing. I want some now. Even though it is only breakfast time over here…

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Yay for Twitter and your new blog! It’s been great reading about all your creations and looking forward to the vegimite post;)

  19. gingerbreadbagels

    You described twitter perfectly! I honestly can’t believe how many close friends I’ve made thorough twitter. Lora and I began talking A LOT of twitter and now we talk on the phone. So amazing and wonderful at the same time. 🙂 (she’s even sweeter on the phone and the most hilarious person ever!)
    So glad to have met you (well you know, sort of. lol). And hope to meet u in Atlanta! You truly have an amazing personality and it shines through not only in your tweets but through your posts.

    Now onto the prime rib roast. I have to admit I barely eat meat ever but I’m drooling over how amazing it looks. I wish I had that for dinner…or snack! Mmmm. Oh goodness will be please just come and cook for me?! I’ll bake, you cook. Deal? lol 🙂


    • Tastes Better With Friends

      I love knowing things like you guys chat on the phone. Lora is great and I can imagine she’s even more fun in person!
      thank you for your kind words, hope Atlanta works out for me too!

  20. I still haven’t quite figured twitter out, but I’m completely addicted to it. I think blogging in general has led to me to some wonderful people, and some RT’s led me to this great post. I’ll be spending some time checking out the rest of your blog now 🙂

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      The nice thing about Twitter is that it can be anything you want it to be, just takes a little time and effort, but the reward is worth it.
      Thanks for finding me, i’m off to go check out your blog now!

  21. I can’t begin to even explain twitter to people who aren’t part of it. You did a great job. And I would die for some of your prime rib right now. I loved following all the tweets about it as I am travelling through Mexico 🙂 Hope to meet you in real life SOON!

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      You’re right, it is tough to explain, that’s why I needed a whole post, but I’m also preaching to the converted here which makes it easier:)
      hope to meet you one of these days too!

  22. Oh how I love a good prime rib roast. Add in the potatoes and carrots and on a cold day it’s one heck of a hearty meal. Now I’m hungry and all I have is leftovers that need to be eaten. Phooey

    I met you on Twitter through Jaxies and it’s been a blast thus far. Love chatting with you on there. Twitter takes some getting used to but it seems like it’s beneficial when you’re trying to make new friends and scope out the foodie world.

  23. Wow. You could not have nailed it better if you’d tried. Twitter really is a sort of indefinable phenomenon in a way. But, it’s been a mostly terrific outlet for me and a way in which I’ve (like you) made a lot of friends I now wouldn’t trade for anything. I love that you’re one of those friends. Besides the amazing recipes and mouth watering food posts – you’re a pretty great guy all around! I’m stoked to meet you in person in 2011 Ethan!!

    Now off to find some meat. This made me crave a steak.

  24. My twitter foodie friends have me such great ideas for cooking. I agree, they are real friendships–I value the cooking chats and recipes we’ve shared.

  25. Twitter makes good sense for food bloggers because we are promoting brands after all, we are the brand. Twitter is a killer marketing tool.

    I am not a prime rib fan, but I’d eat this despite that. Well done!!!


    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Absolutely, but amongst the branding and promotion, there are friendships being cultivated which is an additional bonus!
      As a non prime rib fan, that’s a compliment i’ll take!

  26. Ahh… I just love how Twitter conversation can turn into a great meal. Or, more often in my case, save me a kitchen disaster that would surely have resulted in ordering takeout!

  27. This is an awesome post. I love twitter for the same reason!

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