Tweeting to Tweetup

Alright everyone, lift up your hand if you know what a “Tweetup” is? I’m guessing some of you do know what it is, some of you have done it yourself and some of you have heard about it but are thinking to yourself this must be one of those Twitter things that just doesn’t make any sense.

A “Tweetup” comes from the Twitter-world and it is people who meet up in person from their Twitter relationship. I’ve written about Twitter before and how I have met phenomenal people due to it. Unfortunately, due to geographical issues, meeting face-to-face is difficult. However, when you enjoy 140 character chats with someone and you have the opportunity to meet, a “Tweetup” just makes sense.

I had just the opportunity this weekend for a “Tweetup” in Michigan to meet up with Kirsten_Al who lives in Charlotte, but was in Michigan to shoot a wedding. The plan was to hang out, talk photography (since Kirsten is a professional photographer and check out her website to see how good she is), shop at Meijer’s, eat a great burger at an Ann Arbor legend called Blimpy’s and have some laughs. And other than not shopping at Meijer’s, that’s exactly what happened.

For those who haven’t joined the Twitter world or for those who have, but haven’t yet done a “Tweetup”, there’s always going to be some apprehension about meeting someone you’ve never met in person. And while the apprehension is totally acceptable, don’t dismiss it entirely, because at least in my experiences Twitter allows you to meet wonderful people who can become real friends.


Hanging out with a photographer inspired me to look for nature's subtle beauty.

Action shot and she doesn't know I took this. Now she does.

If it's good enough for Guy and Triple D, it's good enough for me!

I'm working on my "Hunch" while attacking a double patty with a fried egg, mayo, pickles, green olives, banana peppers and a ton of onion rings!





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16 responses to “Tweeting to Tweetup

  1. Looks like you’ve perfected “the hunch” have you perfected dialing 911 for what happens after you eat all of that. 🙂

  2. I have a couple “tweetups” in the works and I’m super anxious/excited/nervous! Why does it seem like more pressure than a first date?! 🙂

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      lol, didn’t think about it like that. A first date is more nerve-wracking to me. Look forward to hearing about your “tweetups”

  3. Do they make that as a veggie burger? I’d be all over it 🙂

  4. Hang on there is so much I want to ask…me being snoopy! heehee

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  6. LOVE it!!! So good to meet you in person Ethan! It was wonderful to share the love of food with you and my over-the-top love of Ann Arbor! Next time … Zingerman’s. It is truly on every “best” list but I didn’t mention it because we had already planned on Blimpy’s. Stay warm up there and keep in touch 🙂 Oh, and love the action shot of me 😉

    • Tastes Better With Friends

      Blimpy’s was necessary to tackle first, Zingerman’s will be for another day. It was great meeting you in person and thanks for the tour of state:) And i’m glad you approve of your action shot!

  7. Ken

    I am all for tweetups. Do it and do it often.

  8. Awwww, you met one of my besties! 🙂

  9. Who doesn’t love a tweet up ; )

  10. So fun! I love meeting up with the bloggers and other great people I’ve met via Twitter. 🙂

  11. gingerbreadbagels

    A tweetup sounds like fun, what a great idea! At first I thought, what in the world is a tweetup? haha. It looks like you had a great time in Michigan. 🙂 The burger sounds so horrible for you but in a really good way (love that there are banana peppers on it!!).

  12. Love tweetups; have done lots. Wine tastings at bars; one at my home for two other wine tastings (what is not to love about a winery sending you several bottles of wine if you and your tweeps will get together, drink and share via Twitter?), and now a Front Range Food Blogger group I started from other Denver and Front Range bloggers I met on Twitter!

    Makes for real friendships beyond the online one…so far, all good!

  13. “And while the apprehension is totally acceptable, don’t dismiss it entirely, because at least in my experiences Twitter allows you to meet wonderful people who can become real friends.”

    Cosigned! And, I love the photos, especially the first two.

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